Random thought of the day

When I play games online, I wonder what is going on in other people’s minds as they either: a) get owned Or b) owning. And some are douche, some are nice.

So are some of the comments I read from forums, comments, and blows.

The Internet is a place where people show their worst side and their best side.  Because of its anonymity, there are little consequences to Internet users.

It’s a pretty good place to get to know what the people you know truly are: their values, principles, personality. If it’s consistent with your view of what your friends are, good; those friendships will most likely last. But if what they do on the Internet is inconsistent with what they do on a daily basis, the so called “real world”, you really have to think about what kind of person those “friends” truly are. You may surprisingly agree with them, or you may surprisingly disagree with them. Either way, there are choices to be made. Do you want to get closer or do you want to get farther?

I think someone should do a study on people’s personality while they are online and find differences between that and so called “reality”. If only I’m a psychiatrist or something lol. For psych people, this is a good research topic.

Both the online world and “real world” are  reality. The people who interact with it are real.