Random thought of the day

When I play games online, I wonder what is going on in other people’s minds as they either: a) get owned Or b) owning. And some are douche, some are nice.

So are some of the comments I read from forums, comments, and blows.

The Internet is a place where people show their worst side and their best side.  Because of its anonymity, there are little consequences to Internet users.

It’s a pretty good place to get to know what the people you know truly are: their values, principles, personality. If it’s consistent with your view of what your friends are, good; those friendships will most likely last. But if what they do on the Internet is inconsistent with what they do on a daily basis, the so called “real world”, you really have to think about what kind of person those “friends” truly are. You may surprisingly agree with them, or you may surprisingly disagree with them. Either way, there are choices to be made. Do you want to get closer or do you want to get farther?

I think someone should do a study on people’s personality while they are online and find differences between that and so called “reality”. If only I’m a psychiatrist or something lol. For psych people, this is a good research topic.

Both the online world and “real world” are  reality. The people who interact with it are real.

Just for Fun

I’m not exactly in the mood for brain stimulating thinking right now, but I am still job searching. As I pause and surf the web, I saw an article on lifehacker, the topic being: Don’t Do What You Love. Do What You Are. 

So I decided to take a personality test on it again. I remember when I was younger, I was a ENFP, and then somehow turned to INFP. And tonight’s test results is still INFP. Most likely I will stay in this category for a while.

So how does this discovery affect me?

So far the jobs that I’ve been looking for are jobs that I would be probably be good at, because of what I’ve learned from college and what I’ve experienced in the past. I did not think about who I am.

Of course I know who I am.


But I’m just going to quote a psychology professor that I had in my last quarter of college on the first day of class.

“Who are you?”

“Who are you really?”

Rinse and Repeat.

So I rinse and repeat on myself tonight, since I don’t think I’ve think about who I am for a while now.

The test results gave me several links. Obviously it’s not perfect, but it’s a general construction of the type of person I am.

Personality test results

Ta-dah, your personality type is INFP!

Introverted (I) 57% Extraverted (E) 43%
Intuitive (N) 55% Sensing (S) 45%
Feeling (F) 70% Thinking (T) 30%
Perceiving (P) 82% Judging (J) 18%


And in the “Career info based on your type” I can’t say I disagree with it.

Possible Career Paths for the INFP:
Counselors / Social Workers
Teachers / Professors
Clergy / Religious Workers

I’m definitely not certified to do any of those jobs that require certification, other than musician and writer, but I think people that know me can see those job qualities in me. Or rather, me doing those jobs.

Maybe I should have been a psych major. Still, I enjoy economics because it does have psychology in it, knowing what people’s unlimited desires and limited sources, and the theories that go around them.
I really like this description on wiki as well. “Healer

Especially the Love and Relationship part: “so they are best suited to a partner who can adapt to these changing needs”.

It’s not that I can’t find people I like, it’s people that will able to adapt to me painlessly are just a little rare. But that’s the only way things will last and that’s the way I want to do.

I’m actually challenging myself to never break up with anyone. An almost impossible challenge to do in this era.

Good luck to me.

Yeah so this is just for fun. If you want to take a personality test. Check out this website.


I did Kisa Personality Test mainly because it did have some unfamiliar questions to other personality tests. Take your time in knowing thy self.

It is said that if you know your enemies and know yourself, you will not be imperiled in a hundred battles; if you do not know your enemies but do know yourself, you will win one and lose one; if you do not know your enemies nor yourself, you will be imperiled in every single battle. – Sun Tzu

知彼知己,百戰不殆;不知彼而知己,一勝一負;不知彼,不知己,每戰必殆 – 孫子