This will be my first post, and hopefully not the last…

For some reason, I’ve always been complacent. Perhaps I am lazy?

All I’ve been done in terms of blogging is reading everyone else’s blogs. I tried many times to begin a blog, but then somehow I always stray away.

Why do people blog?

Is it to lift themselves up?

What I mean by lift themselves up is meaning that the bloggers want to attract attention and can be in the spotlight, even though they are not literally in a spotlight, the web has connected the world more than ever before, so the bloggers can reach a much wider audience.

Is it a modern to writing in a diary?

A diary that can be seen by billions of complete random strangers in the world and give their inputs. Getting inputs from circles that would otherwise be inaccessible.

Or is it a cry for help?

There are many reasons for writing a blog. And there are only few reasons for not writing a blog. Yet I always come with new reasons to not write. Mostly laziness. Hopefully, I will not let laziness get in my way again?

And it’s almost time to write to my old APUSH teacher, I hope he’s still up and running somewhere.