Success and failure

More and more, I am beginning to fear success more than failure.

Success is not always real. There may be images of success, but during those episodes it is more difficult to grasp the inadequacy of the accomplishment towards the end vision.

Neither success nor failure are the end goal, but they are merely a step to something much greater. Success gives us temporary satisfaction and contentment, but failure gives us discontent, which leads to change. This is the reason why I almost don’t want to be successful: I don’t want to be clouded by temporary contentment and lose sight of what is important.

I don’t like to fail either. The important thing is not about success and failure, it’s what happens after.

I think that’s why God allows us to fail sometimes and sometimes succeed.

When a person has success, it’s easier to be comfortable and not desire change. When a person sees failure, they are discontent and want change.

Either way, everyone needs change whether they are content or not. No one is perfect, therefore there is always room for improvement up to the day we die.

I’ll end with this:

Don’t trust what you already know, for it is limited in your own mind, but trust, ask, and hope for the greater things you do not know.