My day today (part 2 & not really that day)

Ok I’m not J.R.R. Tolkien and it’s killing me trying to train myself to write similar to him as much as my current writing abilities will allow. I write simple from the time when I first started writing (in Chinese), to now as I’m writing this blog (in English). So for part 2 of what happened yesterday. I will make it as short and simple as possible.

A recap of the events that transpired in simpler terms: I woke up early. Without anything much to do during that early morning time, I opted to go take a longer snooze. However that snooze turned out to be a huge nap because I didn’t set my alarm and I enjoy my lucid dreams. As I woke up, the sky began to darken. This content is part 1.

I thought I could finish the whole story in J.R.R. Tolkien mode, but after repeatedly usage of and I decided to take a break.

And here I am writing normally as I would normally write on a term paper, or a play, or a facebook status update, and sometimes twitter.

Continuing with my story, I had my first meal as shin ramyun + a bunch of rotini + shitake mushrooms. I was eating it while I was writing part 1. But writing part 1 disturbed my rhythm so much I did not have the appetite to finish the food I cooked. The ramyun got soggy, the soup dried up, and the whole bowl turned cold and gross. Moral of the story, don’t overestimate my stomach right after I wake up, even though I was hungry hippo I should not have overextend my cooking portions. Yup


A different side story totally unrelated to this and may be disturbing to those who are currently eating and I highly recommend not to read this until you finish eating. I was taking a dump. It was perfect. No breakage, no random pieces. Not too black, not too brown. Perfection.

When I flushed it, instead of breaking, it bended. Yes. It folded in half. Imagine bending a glowstick, it looked exactly like that. Amazing. Cool story right? Thank you for putting up with this if you are reading at all. I’m just very bored.

And yes, it did flush with the first try. And yes, I sprayed the scent thing so the smell wouldn’t be as bad (+ kill odor-producing bacteria as well!)

My day today (part 1)

Me, ending the slumber of which took place on a soft

ladened surface; under the flocculent feather-like cover of concealing

blanket, the cloak of which put asunder the asymmetry of light and darkness: abundance in

shine defying destitution of luminescence;  an epoch which eluded my cognizance as

it escapes many more the Sons of Adam. Without the counsel of an arbitrary

agent who calls humanity to separate from trances they fall into without exception amid twilight, the sleep

masses go into cannot be detached without use of such agent christened as the alarm. I

have been unsuccessful in fixing the time I wanted to soar from the night tomb. Yet I arised

from mattress where I once galvanized myself to a altered state of consciousness: my five

senses of perceptions were kindled as kerosene inflamed by conflagrations of blaze

two whole rounds clockwise after daybreak. As I pursue to amuse my appetite to have a fecund

arrangement of hustle and labor, an idea slowly crept up to me; a mere thought of taking

upon a whole new ambition which will not interrupt my original desire: the short-term resting,

a nap, which I succeeded in. The rest is not as though it should have been, alas this is my

story I must tell.

Thus the curtains were veiled over my eyes and my perception of awakening and sleeping

were closely smeared together into a giant mixture of dreams and colors. I did not recognize

warmth of day nor the cold of night but mixed them together within my own imagination

through which I encounter during my time of rest.


99.9% Space

That is the composition of atoms. That means everything that we can perceive through our limited perception, is actually, dust. Atom is just another fancy name for the smallest dust we can identify within our perception.

This is something interesting to think about: we are living in a world of dust. We don’t perceive things as dust however, because we are dust itself, and we are limited by our own perceptions as dust-people. 

Why should we think we are different than every other living thing? or even non-living thing? Matter is merely clouds of empty space with some “dust” connected to each other.

It’s not like we can prove scientifically anyone has a mind. It is only theoretical people have minds. Minds are not scientifically observable, only clues. If someone tries to prove people have minds under the rules of empirical, stable, demonstrable protocol, science, no one can prove people have minds. They can prove to themselves “I think therefore I am” , but everyone and everything could might as well be a figment of their own imagination, something invented to satisfy their relational and physical needs.

I don’t exactly know where I’m going with this, I am only typing in as I think.

Scientifically, we cannot prove people have minds, but does that mean people are mindless? or perhaps people are little figments of imagination we deceive ourselves with. If it’s true, then it is really pointless for me to write this any longer because I am only writing this to satisfy myself and my need to use my brain. Fortunately, it’s not true. How do I know it’s not true? Is it blind faith? This is not a rhetorical question, because I’m not sure if I am merely a figment of you, the reader’s figment of imagination. (But I have self-will, so maybe the reader is a figment of my imagination?)

We have to assume that this universe is real with different people with self-will before we go any further. There really isn’t scientific empirical proof that people have minds. Our tech can see brain activity, and it correlates with things we do, but it doesn’t really see people’s minds and see if people are really thinking. We can measure bodily changes in pulse, temperature, facial, bodily changes, but cannot distinguish what is the specific causes. Somehow we know that people have minds, right?

What about all this talk about soul? I recommend reading Beyond Death’s Door, a recollection of patients with near-death experiences, funny thing Google categorized the book as fiction. It will be up to the reader to decide. According to neurologists, people should lose their consciousness if there is no brain activity. But in the book, the author/heart doctor jotted down some interesting phenomenons.

I want to conclude this, but I think it’s better for people to conclude on their own. Perhaps my logic is flawed, and is really in fact not logic at all. I don’t exactly need to see the results. I’m hoping people will see the world more clearly after reading this.