Moving On

Another perspective.

When one is told about having a fork on the road, most people won’t see the above picture.

Imagine yourself having never saw a fork on the road (The one where the road splits to two directions). Would you have imagined something similar to the picture above?

Similarly, what we have seen, what we have heard, what we have experienced also deceives us, granting us an illusion of familiarity and safety.

I can almost relate this to the Matrix movies. The people dwelling in the Matrix lives, but never really lived. The Matrix series are very entertaining to watch. Everything stereotypical about Hollywood movies are in the whole movie series, yet there’s an important idea that challenges our everyday lives. How do we know if we’re not living in the Matrix right now?

Honestly, I think not, and majority of people would agree with me. However, this world we are in is very similar to the Matrix because we are not truly free. Our thoughts and ideas are almost always restricted by our environment such as the way we grew up, our family’s influence, our classmate’s influence, our society’s expectations of success. Most of our values are developed by the influences I mentioned above. I’m not going to discuss whether it’s a bad thing or not, but I am pointing out we humans as a whole are attracted to the prescient of familiarity.

Now I have to point out those individualistic individuals who thinks that they are above this prescient of familiarity. One can argue one’s ideas can be truly unique, (I am being very careful with the wording here, because everyone is truly unique) but I think ideas can be analyzed just as matter can be analyzed. Just as matter is laws of thermodynamics, I think ideas too are limited by the same type of law, for Nothing_comes_from_nothing.

(Damn it, now I have to analyze how ideas come from and how humans are different than animals…)

(Or I can stop here and leave a cliffhanger for next time so I can start eating lunch)

The above is my thought process as I debate on whether to continue writing this post as of this moment.

My stomach wins.

So I failed one day… and a bus ride to the past

I was supposed to post yesterday, but after practicing sports out in the shiny sun, I was deeply exhausted. And I finally finished watching Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King Extended Version last night. I also ate Kimchi Pasta made by some friends. It was a good night.


On to the bus driver.

I honestly forgot what I was going to write about the bus driver. So here I am, making stuff up as I go since I did write that I will write about bus drivers.

Bus drivers are awesome.

Bus rides are even more awesome.

End of story.

I remember that bus rides were an integrate part of my AP US History teacher’s high school life. He used to ditch school and just go on bus rides all day. Every time now whenever I go on a bus ride, I try to think about what he is thinking. I think I understand why he likes to ride buses. You can meet/spy/see the strangest people on the bus. The bus is a nice peaceful place where you can relax.

I know it can get crowded and stuff. But when next time y’all on a bus, try to stare at people. People will try to avoid your gaze. It’s really funny. If we were children, we would point and stare at strange people without holding back. ¬†Why is it as we grow older, we lose that instinct to do what we want to do? Is it the “law of society” that everyone has to uphold? Is it the same reason why we go to college?

I’m gonna connect the bus riding experience with why people do certain things.

People do things because they are conditioned to think and do things as society tells them.

But what if the society itself is wrong?

Then what can a person do to break out of this tyrannic rule of “law of society”? For example, as kids, we are told not to point and stare, even when people are acting strange. Usually when people act strangely, there’s some kind of problem. So as kids, people are conditioned to ignore such problems. (A small example is if people see someone with a booger hanging out of their nose, people wouldn’t really tell them.) So now as the people that we elected are abusing their powers, people are just “meh” about it. People are not taking action, even though many of the actions are against the “consent of the governed”, as the Declaration of Independence has once stated.

So now about college, why do people go to college? To get a better education, to invest in life, to get a good life experience, to network, to make friends, to develop spiritually, to learn what their talents are, to find their soul mate, etc…. I’m pretty sure there are many reasons for people to go to college.

But one of the main reasons for people going to college, is the idea that “if you don’t have a degree, you won’t get a good job.” That is true and untrue at the same time. This is my fourth year in college, and as I go to class, do the assignments, go through the college routine, I honestly think college itself is something made up by people for purposes other than raising new young leaders for our society. I would write more on this, but I need to think about this first. My opinion can change. I haven’t reached a conclusion about college yet.

When I do, I will send an e-mail to my APUSH teacher. Why? Cuz as the 2nd semester of high school in my third year closed to an end. He asked us to remember his email address, so when we graduate college, we can send him a email and see how his students are doing.

I had a nice conversation with him. Everyone in our class did. I think after that class, this is maybe what he thought of me. It could be something else. But when he asked me, what is most important for me right now? I answered love. So it would make sense for him to write something about this.

I see the romantic kid who is bright but uninterested in challenging
his intellect. Instead, he waits… he waits to be awakened.
Unfortunately, his waiting will be in vain. Intelligence is an
intrinsic force. But maybe the student doesn’t want to expand his
mind. Maybe he is looking, at this time, to just expand his heart…

The above quote was from his farewell email.

And I agree with him. The me that was bright but uninterested in challenging my intellect. There wasn’t really anything to challenge my intellect with during high school. All I wanted to do was music. Because I am perfect pitch and I want to maximize my talent in music. I also had a very long lasting crush on this girl, I was very looking to expand my heart.

Now… I don’t know. Sure I can love, but I don’t see anyone that can love me back. I will just be a sucker who dumps his time and money if I fall for anyone, so right now, I don’t really care about any girls. I would rather be closer friends with them than being anyone too special. Being in a relationship will also take up a lot more of my time. Until I graduate, I doubt I will get any girlfriend, it doesn’t matter if she’s 10 out of 10 and jumps on me. I don’t give a damn. (Okkk maybe I do give a damn, but I would go “you love nothing more than a thought and a dream” and go “I cannot give you what you desire”. Kudos to Aragorn son of Arathorn.

This teacher is right about the waiting part too. I am so bored. There’s nothing to challenge me. Everything is so routine, so “standardized”, like a factory production line. This is the same way I feel about college too. It’s just a more specialized factory production line. But I’m so bored… Even music is boring, they make it so factory like it’s retarded.

How can one break out of this factory chain?

But anyways that question involve serious thinking. Instead of answering that question, I will just say that I will have to challenge myself since nothing else can challenge me.

So here I am writing this blog about bus drivers.

Now wasn’t that a great story?

*Cue Reading Rainbow ~music F4 A4b C4 A4b