When you read, do you read the words and imprint it inside?

Or do you hear the words?

I prefer to hear the words. When I read, I imagine as though someone is reading to me, speaking to me. 

This is something I heard/read many times, the creation of Eve.

Yet, this time, through the help of someone other than me, I noticed something more than the part where God took the rib of man and making a woman.

God thought, “It is not good for man to be alone.”

And God made the man fall into deep sleep.

Everything else was good in Genesis, but uniquely, God thought “It is not good for man to be alone.”

So God put the man to sleep.

When Adam woke up, he sees woman and becomes completely ecstatic.

I think I need to go to sleep too. 

When Eve did not exist, there was no one suitable for Adam; all he had was wild animals.

Before God made Adam sleep, all he had was wild animals, then God interfered and made a partner for him.

Maybe that’s the case I am in too.

I was sleeping too, but something woke me up. 

The abrupt interruption gave me a little hope, but I think I still need to go back to sleep.

I’m still not rested enough. 

So I hope I stay asleep, at least until I’m fully rested.

Blanking out

There are times when I don’t feel anything

I am conscious of what’s happening around me, but I’m not doing anything.

Not sure if this is what they called my brain shutting down?

Whatever it is, it’s happening more lately. It’s a type of tiredness, but it’s not limited to bodily tiredness.

Maybe my mind wants to block off everything and rest.

There hasn’t been much opportunity for me to rest. Mainly due to responsibilities I have, I have little time of my own.

I think it’s time to be a bit more aggressive with my schedule…

I need to aggressively seek rest.

I miss those days when I can lie in the bed all day, just thinking and dreaming and planning, passing by everything else.

Unleashing the sleeping beast soon