Just because

I see many choices coming my way. 

I’m not sure if I’m worrying about it.

What does worrying feel like? Is it supposed to feel frustrating?

Is my mind so occupied with it?

I am confused, I would think I am in a situation where people would feel anxious and feel crazy.

But no,

I am crazy.

So I don’t know how to worry.

Just because people worry doesn’t mean I have to worry with them.

One of my goals in life, is to make the people around me not worry.

All it takes is a perception change.

Instead of relying on themselves, there is someone who will never fail.

It’s funny, because God is always almost late, yet is never late.

In short, God comes through at exactly the perfect right time.

Of course it’s going to mess around with what people are thinking, because we can’t understand the level where God is thinking.

So I wait.

In this time of so many options and choices, I wait.

Just because I am already free.

Either I’m crazy, or most other people are crazy.

Is it crazy to not worry or crazy to worry?

Whatever, I need to sleep 🙂

Evade tricks yo



Moving On

Another perspective.

When one is told about having a fork on the road, most people won’t see the above picture.

Imagine yourself having never saw a fork on the road (The one where the road splits to two directions). Would you have imagined something similar to the picture above?

Similarly, what we have seen, what we have heard, what we have experienced also deceives us, granting us an illusion of familiarity and safety.

I can almost relate this to the Matrix movies. The people dwelling in the Matrix lives, but never really lived. The Matrix series are very entertaining to watch. Everything stereotypical about Hollywood movies are in the whole movie series, yet there’s an important idea that challenges our everyday lives. How do we know if we’re not living in the Matrix right now?

Honestly, I think not, and majority of people would agree with me. However, this world we are in is very similar to the Matrix because we are not truly free. Our thoughts and ideas are almost always restricted by our environment such as the way we grew up, our family’s influence, our classmate’s influence, our society’s expectations of success. Most of our values are developed by the influences I mentioned above. I’m not going to discuss whether it’s a bad thing or not, but I am pointing out we humans as a whole are attracted to the prescient of familiarity.

Now I have to point out those individualistic individuals who thinks that they are above this prescient of familiarity. One can argue one’s ideas can be truly unique, (I am being very careful with the wording here, because everyone is truly unique) but I think ideas can be analyzed just as matter can be analyzed. Just as matter is laws of thermodynamics, I think ideas too are limited by the same type of law, for Nothing_comes_from_nothing.

(Damn it, now I have to analyze how ideas come from and how humans are different than animals…)

(Or I can stop here and leave a cliffhanger for next time so I can start eating lunch)

The above is my thought process as I debate on whether to continue writing this post as of this moment.

My stomach wins.