I feel a transition is coming soon. I’ve been in this uncomfortable place for a while now, and there seem to be a new direction coming my way.

Have you ever notice some uncontrollable variables in your life starts to to mold the way you’re living?

I think I’m seeing that.

For a while now, my schedule’s been quite full. I’m seeing the checkpoint of this tunnel. I will soon arrive at a place of rest. I won’t stay there very long, but merely enough to get myself refreshed and prepped for the next stage I’ll be heading towards.

As I’m typing this, I’m fixing my 17inch laptop. Hopefully it’ll work this time around.

There has been so many things in this period where things are just not working the way I want it to work.

Alas, the system recovery failed.It looks like I have to try the safe mode again and repair the start up.

This period of time taught me the importance of actively finding rest.

Rest does not come to you, you have to go for it. Rest is something to be pursued.

Contrary to popular beliefs, rest is a difficult thing to pursue and grasp.

To truely be at rest, one must have be able to ignore worries and solely rest.

In school or work, modern society made them very pushy and made people unable to rest.

I’m repairing my computer again, hopefully it’ll work this time around.

Rest is so good. It lets one think, about what happened, about what next.

In my case, I can dream wonderful dreams where no Hollywood movie has ever gone before.

I should really become a movie director. Or perhaps a full time writer.

I guess I might make my own website.

I am good at working for other people, but I think I’ll do better getting something started.

Entrepreneurship, making my blood boil since forever.