First rain, + rant about the moon

It’s raining

I’m tired

It’s cold

I don’t wanna write.

So this is currently 3:54 am. I took a nice good nap earlier at 4pm – 9pm so it was pretty good.

I think I finally realize how hard is it to just have a nice quiet time to write and to think about my day. So many things happen everyday.

Anyways today I missed my playwriting class cuz my phone alarm died. I was also late to CTU event meeting cuz I only realized it was 12:15 when I woke up, and the meeting was at 12:30. So I just grabbed my pants n keys and went to the meeting. It was a good meeting, only about an hour. Hope it stays that way 😀

After that I went to go to SOAR office with one of my officers to find out about financial stuff + get CTU Constitution. When we got there, there were like a million people, so we decided to just go eat at Cowell.

And then gg

Meatless Monday, and it started raining.


So we walked back and wanna go to a different dining hall


10 BUS


For those of you don’t know, the 10 bus is a magical bus that drops me off right outside my house.

Yes, I like buses very much.

I wonder who reads these things…

So now I am listening to Air on a G String, which is possibly the most relaxing song that I can listen to on repeat all day without getting bored.


Now about the moon.

I was on the way to San Jose when I saw the moon. I just kept staring at it for a while. Then when we finally finish eating at food court at Lawrence Plaza, we drove on 880, and I couldn’t see the moon again. I was a bit sad.

I remember when I was a kid, I always look on the moon, whenever I was on a bus, a minibus, or a big 2 story bus. I wonder what people think when they look at the moon. What I remembered I was thinking about what to write for my next rant, and decided to write something about the moon.

Isn’t the moon pretty?

How many different people are staring at the moon with me at that time? Oh how I wonder. What are they thinking when they stare at the moon?

I think you readers would notice that this post is a little different than the posts before. This post is more random than usual because I don’t really want to write right now, and I’m already 4 hours past the deadline anyways. So I am just spewing random stuff as my mind works and listening to classical music.

So from this post and the posts before, you can see that I really like buses, and now y’all know I like the moon. I like it because it’s shiny, yet it’s not too shiny in a way that would hurt me, like the sun. I am free to stare at the moon all day and wouldn’t blind my eyes. This is why I like the night better. The sun hurts me. The moon is so much more comfortable and relaxing to look at.

Maybe I should just write a poem about the moon.

Moon – by Hin Mak


Ookay, not a good idea.

I think I’ll just end here, since it’s too hard to write in 4 in the morning. I don’t even know how I can write that much.

Oh happy birthday Krispy

I wonder how much I changed, and how much I didn’t change.

If no one is perfect, in theory, there should be unlimited potential to change for the better, or for the worst.

I wonder how much I changed for the better.

If anything, I will have to thank God for what he’s done for me. The people I met, the opportunities that I’ve had, the opportunities that I haven’t had, the events that influence my life, the sadness, the happiness, my unique parents, my unique family, my unique friends. Everything is special to me. As I look at the moon, I remember to appreciate the changes that I’ve gone through, from my childhood, to now. As I am almost 21, I feel like I have to look back, just a little, so I don’t change back to what I was.

I feel like I still don’t know myself completely yet. So I’ll just trust God with that, cuz He knows me better than anyone else, and He got the plan of my life all ready for me. I don’t exactly know where I am going, cuz I am extremely tired and don’t know what the heck I’m writing. That Menuetto just knocked out my thought process cuz it’s such a familiar sound that I used to play on the violin. Even though I don’t play violin anymore, I kinda wish I can get it back, if it’s God’s will to give me time and inspiration to go back to violin. Probably not this year though, I’ll be so busy.


i know what i want

i want to go KARAOKE NAO

aite later

oh i remember what i was gonna write about the moon now, i will do it tomorrow, i mean today.






So I failed one day… and a bus ride to the past

I was supposed to post yesterday, but after practicing sports out in the shiny sun, I was deeply exhausted. And I finally finished watching Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King Extended Version last night. I also ate Kimchi Pasta made by some friends. It was a good night.


On to the bus driver.

I honestly forgot what I was going to write about the bus driver. So here I am, making stuff up as I go since I did write that I will write about bus drivers.

Bus drivers are awesome.

Bus rides are even more awesome.

End of story.

I remember that bus rides were an integrate part of my AP US History teacher’s high school life. He used to ditch school and just go on bus rides all day. Every time now whenever I go on a bus ride, I try to think about what he is thinking. I think I understand why he likes to ride buses. You can meet/spy/see the strangest people on the bus. The bus is a nice peaceful place where you can relax.

I know it can get crowded and stuff. But when next time y’all on a bus, try to stare at people. People will try to avoid your gaze. It’s really funny. If we were children, we would point and stare at strange people without holding back.  Why is it as we grow older, we lose that instinct to do what we want to do? Is it the “law of society” that everyone has to uphold? Is it the same reason why we go to college?

I’m gonna connect the bus riding experience with why people do certain things.

People do things because they are conditioned to think and do things as society tells them.

But what if the society itself is wrong?

Then what can a person do to break out of this tyrannic rule of “law of society”? For example, as kids, we are told not to point and stare, even when people are acting strange. Usually when people act strangely, there’s some kind of problem. So as kids, people are conditioned to ignore such problems. (A small example is if people see someone with a booger hanging out of their nose, people wouldn’t really tell them.) So now as the people that we elected are abusing their powers, people are just “meh” about it. People are not taking action, even though many of the actions are against the “consent of the governed”, as the Declaration of Independence has once stated.

So now about college, why do people go to college? To get a better education, to invest in life, to get a good life experience, to network, to make friends, to develop spiritually, to learn what their talents are, to find their soul mate, etc…. I’m pretty sure there are many reasons for people to go to college.

But one of the main reasons for people going to college, is the idea that “if you don’t have a degree, you won’t get a good job.” That is true and untrue at the same time. This is my fourth year in college, and as I go to class, do the assignments, go through the college routine, I honestly think college itself is something made up by people for purposes other than raising new young leaders for our society. I would write more on this, but I need to think about this first. My opinion can change. I haven’t reached a conclusion about college yet.

When I do, I will send an e-mail to my APUSH teacher. Why? Cuz as the 2nd semester of high school in my third year closed to an end. He asked us to remember his email address, so when we graduate college, we can send him a email and see how his students are doing.

I had a nice conversation with him. Everyone in our class did. I think after that class, this is maybe what he thought of me. It could be something else. But when he asked me, what is most important for me right now? I answered love. So it would make sense for him to write something about this.

I see the romantic kid who is bright but uninterested in challenging
his intellect. Instead, he waits… he waits to be awakened.
Unfortunately, his waiting will be in vain. Intelligence is an
intrinsic force. But maybe the student doesn’t want to expand his
mind. Maybe he is looking, at this time, to just expand his heart…

The above quote was from his farewell email.

And I agree with him. The me that was bright but uninterested in challenging my intellect. There wasn’t really anything to challenge my intellect with during high school. All I wanted to do was music. Because I am perfect pitch and I want to maximize my talent in music. I also had a very long lasting crush on this girl, I was very looking to expand my heart.

Now… I don’t know. Sure I can love, but I don’t see anyone that can love me back. I will just be a sucker who dumps his time and money if I fall for anyone, so right now, I don’t really care about any girls. I would rather be closer friends with them than being anyone too special. Being in a relationship will also take up a lot more of my time. Until I graduate, I doubt I will get any girlfriend, it doesn’t matter if she’s 10 out of 10 and jumps on me. I don’t give a damn. (Okkk maybe I do give a damn, but I would go “you love nothing more than a thought and a dream” and go “I cannot give you what you desire”. Kudos to Aragorn son of Arathorn.

This teacher is right about the waiting part too. I am so bored. There’s nothing to challenge me. Everything is so routine, so “standardized”, like a factory production line. This is the same way I feel about college too. It’s just a more specialized factory production line. But I’m so bored… Even music is boring, they make it so factory like it’s retarded.

How can one break out of this factory chain?

But anyways that question involve serious thinking. Instead of answering that question, I will just say that I will have to challenge myself since nothing else can challenge me.

So here I am writing this blog about bus drivers.

Now wasn’t that a great story?

*Cue Reading Rainbow ~music F4 A4b C4 A4b







I’m gonna try to post every day for the rest of 2011

So I saw this article about the Nation Writing a Novel Month in November.

This gave me a nice motivation to start to write more. Since I’ve been writing a wide variety of things lately. (Play writing, letters, proposals, etc…)

And here is the sample post that I copied and paste which describes my feelings on blogging right now.

I’ve decided I want to blog more. Rather than just thinking about doing it, I’m starting right now. I will be posting on this blog once a day / once a week for all of 2011. I know it won’t be easy, but it might be fun, inspiring, awesome and wonderful. Therefore I’m promising to make use of The DailyPost, and the community of other bloggers with similiar goals, to help me along the way, including asking for help when I need it and encouraging others when I can. If you already read my blog, I hope you’ll encourage me with comments and likes, and good will along the way.



As my first post, I’ll rant about what I think about bus drivers. Bus drivers are awesome, both in real life and in games. So in Starcraft 2, there is this game called Mafia. For those of you who never heard about Mafia, it’s basically a game of keeping your poker face and figure out who’s the bad guy. Anyways, I don’t want to go into detail about the game here, because this is not about Mafia, this is about bus drivers.

Bus driver is not a normal role in a normal game of Mafia with just cards. People can certainly add him to the game, but in most games of Mafia, people will use these roles: Mafia, PoPo, and Doc. In the Starcraft mod, there’s a bunch of more mods because of the almost unlimited possibilities of the game, and people cannot see each other, so they will have to guess who is who by using their skills given their role.  One of those roles is the legendary bus driver. The bus driver can run over people and swap people from the intended target. So if mafia wanted to kill me, but the bus driver swap me with someone else, that someone else would die instead. And if the bus driver knows who mafia is, he can run him over. Gotta love the bus driver.

Now to talk about a bus driver in real life. In UC Santa Cruz, if you are a student here, you’ve probably heard about the legendary EPIC BUS. It’s the bus where the bus driver plays EPIC songs. It just makes my day whenever I go into the EPIC BUS ’cause it makes my life so much more EPIC, or at least it makes me feel my life is more EPIC. Having EPIC music going to class really makes going to class more fun. Later, however, what you do in the class is dependent on the professor and on you… lol

Now something to think about….

Bus Drivers drive people all day. Depending on what route of bus is being driven, the people reach their destinations. It can be a Tour Bus, a City Bus, a Magic School Bus, in the end, buses help people reach their destinations. The difference between a bus and a car, instead of going to the destination yourself, you are going into a complete stranger’s vehicle. Why do people trust bus drivers? Is it because the bus is pretty? Is it because the bus driver is in a uniform (for city buses)? If you really think about it, isn’t going on a bus almost as scary as hitchhiking? It’s just a different vehicle with a planned route. What if the bus driver suddenly fails to take the planned route? What if the bus driver is suicidal and want to kill everyone on the bus? What if a bomb is in the bus? What if the bus has some mechanical failure and blows up?

But yet people still do trust bus drivers. Bus drivers hold a lot of responsibility on their passenger’s lives and well being. This is why bus drivers are awesome. Driving a bus it may seem like an easy job to anyone who has a driver’s license. “I can drive a car, I can drive a bus right?” Driving a bus takes much more responsibility than driving a car. Bus drivers are constantly under lots of pressure to get passengers to point A and point B. So next time you can, show some appreciation to your bus drivers. I’m pretty sure they’ll be happy about it. It would give them more job satisfaction and make them drive happier.

I’ll rant more about buses some time again.

One of my favorite bus quotes

Lots of people want to ride with you in the limo, but what you want is someone who will take the bus with you when the limo breaks down.” Oprah???!!! LOL

but it’s true aint it?

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This will be my first post, and hopefully not the last…

For some reason, I’ve always been complacent. Perhaps I am lazy?

All I’ve been done in terms of blogging is reading everyone else’s blogs. I tried many times to begin a blog, but then somehow I always stray away.

Why do people blog?

Is it to lift themselves up?

What I mean by lift themselves up is meaning that the bloggers want to attract attention and can be in the spotlight, even though they are not literally in a spotlight, the web has connected the world more than ever before, so the bloggers can reach a much wider audience.

Is it a modern to writing in a diary?

A diary that can be seen by billions of complete random strangers in the world and give their inputs. Getting inputs from circles that would otherwise be inaccessible.

Or is it a cry for help?

There are many reasons for writing a blog. And there are only few reasons for not writing a blog. Yet I always come with new reasons to not write. Mostly laziness. Hopefully, I will not let laziness get in my way again?

And it’s almost time to write to my old APUSH teacher, I hope he’s still up and running somewhere.