Today I had a real funky dream. I was in a classroom building, I’m assuming I was in class for something. As I’m exiting the building, someone’s face from my high school appeared and asked me, “Hey are you going to Stanford?” As I’m dreaming, I thought “What? Stanford? Do people really think I’m that smart? I know it’s a dream, I’ll go along with the story.”  So I replied, “Nah I’m going to the community college to take some more classes, save some money.” So I exited out, it was raining. I remember someone and wanted to offer her a ride because I remembered her as a baby so I want to be the good sunbae, but decided against it because it’s too easy for me to lead her on, and I remembered she had a purple umbrella earlier on the day. Then I went to the parking lot, trying to look for my car. I remember it was at the side, but I don’t know how far I parked it. I kept looking for it, but there are lots of red cars, and they’re all Honda, so I got really confused. They all look like my car, especially the ghetto car with a missing rear bumper. But my car was not there.

So I walked in the rain without an umbrella, It became dark, and I walked down the alleyway and then I heard bang and some flash. I thought it was like some kind of electric saw but then I realized, someone was shooting at me. I think I got shot somewhere, but I didn’t feel it because it was a dream. I ran and I kept looking for my car. Then I woke up.


Maybe this blog will become my dream diary one day. As my life ends I will come back and read upon the many things I dreamed about.

One thought of the day, I think I was never pushed to my limits, because if I was pushed to my limits, I would be able to see it by now. There are some ways why this can be: one is I have no limits, two is as I am growing, the limits keep growing, and I haven’t been nearing it, three is I’ve already been to my limit and I didn’t realize it, but I kept growing and I see more free space for me to grow.

It makes sense because it is shown IQ and EQ and whatever quotient used to measure a person’s ability or inability can be improved upon and changed throughout a person’s lifetime.

How do I know I am right though? This is all a figment of my imagination. I am merely hypothesizing based on what I have learned and observed. I would want to do research on this but I am not exactly a psychology major nor have any one curiously enough to find out these types of things. Utility and function are what people who want to make money seek, not random speculations from a random blogger.

Dear reader, what are your limits? How do you know they are real limits and not yourself constraining yourself? How can you trust yourself? How do you know what is right and what is wrong? (I know my own answer to these questions. These are for people to ponder and be creative with)