Many Ws and sometimes H

What do I really want?
And what do I really really want?
Why do I have this desire to conquer the world?
Why do I not like to stay in one place?
Why do I embrace change?
Why do I hangout with people so much more different?
Why do I like to dream?
Why do my dreams come true?
Why do I have even bigger dreams?
Why do I see impossible as possible?
Why not?
What are my dreams?
Why do I have those dreams?
Where will I be?
Who will be with me?
When will it be fulfilled?
How will it be finished?
Who will know me?
Who will I know?
Who will I love?
Who will love me?
Where will I live?
Where will I flee?
Where will I run to?
Where will I dwell?
When will I go?
When will I do?
When will the roof come crash on me?
When will I get shot?
When will I be old?
When will I be with Jesus?
How can I love?
How can I feel loved?
How do I be passionate?
How do I be calm?
How do I get mad?
How do I have feelings?
How do I not have feelings?
What is love?
What is me?
What are ambitions?
Where would I be?
Who would I be?
When would I be?
What would I be?
Why would I be?
How would I be?

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