Somethings cannot be held back

I almost want to write a poem,

but I don’t have that much brain power nor the patience for it right now.

I have no interest in grammar either

but I’m a little crazy today…

after some sudden revelations,

Waking up, seeing that presence striking me

Early in the morning you drift into my thoughts

What do I do? Wanting to run, but this virus makes muscles sore.

So I just let it be.

What then?

There was a light kindling,

it was strangely light, almost unrecognizable.

Yet it isn’t time, my speech is disabled.

Almost to evade, “it’s a trap”, truth be told,

Randomly it crept to me.

I purposefully evaded for a time, yet it was unavoidable,

as a train cannot move away from its tracks, the tracks led me to a unexpected stop

I hope it’s only a short break.

I dreamt a dream of my blood tested.

My personality revealed, as my blood stirred,

the results came true, as the display showed

as I awaken, I see

lingering in front of me


I am conflicted.

There are different paths I can take.

Being in confusion, I wait once again.

I must see more clearly, once again I investigate,

yet I must admit, I haven’t felt this way for the longest time.

The ice has melted for a little

There is still nothing yet.

Yet it lingers, a kindling

one I avoided to kindle, yet it came…

I’m not complaining about it

but now I have to wait a little longer.

hope the candles were a lie

So what now? What can I do?

I will wait, for the night is near.

Will I be able to see in that night?

I wonder..

Who can fit in the puzzle?

Who can stand in the deep blue?

Who dares to walk on water?

That is what I must see.

The waiting game playing still,

slowly opening the windows,

let it leak in, creep in.




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