Getting a little organized

I am not really a routine blogger.

I prefer to do as I feel.

I write this in short sentences to make this cleaner.

More because I read a book about writing in short sentences.

Shorter sentences means easier reading.

Easier reading means happier readers.

I like to keep my readers happy.

It satisfies me to know random people read what I write.

It’s courteous for me to make reading more attractive.


I have a announcement.

I will be making a new blog about my dreams.

I always wanted to record my dreams.

I have wrote some in Evernote.

I think people would like to read my dreams.

I believe my dreams are better than Hollywood movies.

My dreams are more entertaining.

My plots are more unique.

It is a part of me.

I want to see me in a new perspective.

Thus my dream blog is born.


There is nothing yet.

I haven’t dreamt yet.

I will write when I remember my dream(s).


Please look forward to it.


This blog will remain.

I must keep it.

It will be my vacation blog.

This blog will become a blog for me to relax.

Just like this.

Writing short sentences.

Not just for the pleasure of the reader, but for myself.

I make this blog my laboratory for my writing.


And it will be so.