Whenever I write, I don’t really know what I really want to write. I only do it at the spur of the moment. This blog is pretty may because of this. I think I might reorganize everything, because I like to talk about lots of different things unrelated to each other.

Btw, I am writing this because I wanted to try this new SwiftKey keyboard out and see how fast it is. It’s much faster than the other keyboards I have tried, maybe too fast my fingers don’t type fast enough.

This is SwiftKey flow beta for mobile devices. Google it and give it a try. I know I should just post the link up, but I’m on my phone typing this with this new keyboard.

So good luck and comment if you like the keyboard.

I may start a tech blog and a cool story blog. This blog may be obsolete in the future. Just a heads up for people who reads this.

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