Dreams, we all have them children. But too many time as people get older, they begin to be pressured by the circumstances that are around them, and go for a more “practical” goal, a goal that is more achievable, sustainable, respectable. Eventually, their original dream becomes more and more unachievable, and they give it up. By giving up their dream, they forget who they are; they are transformed into mass manufactured workers approved by the world.

I can honestly say I still hold on to my dreams; I can see them happening in the future even now. My dreams are almost the same as when I was in elementary school, but my motivation is a little different from then.

I always wanted to be on a stage; I get extra energy just thinking about it. I think the reason why I wanted this was because I wanted people to see me. I still want to be on the stage, but not for people to see me, but so people can see the God who makes me into who I am. Being in front of people excites me.

Conquering the world was one of my very carefully planned dreams muhahaha. I will not go into details so people won’t actually try to do it. I still wonder if anyone ever thought of that. If I live long enough to see that lol. But for my own plan, I was going to begin in China; it’s a country that’s not tied down to pressures of other countries; it’s a country that does whatever it wants to without external interference. The problem is the secretive internal interference. Then there is also the control of the seas: although there is no one that can challenge America in naval or air supremacy due to aircraft carriers, unfortunately, no one in their right mind would attack China militarily.

Anyways, I have gave it a lot of thought before. Now instead of conquering land, I want to conquer hearts. Conquer is actually a bad word for it; it makes it seem like I’m out to get lots of girls. What I meant by conquering, is to show people the Way and completely change people. Changing people’s hearts is much harder than conquering a country.

I believe I wrote about this in my last blog post: I like to travel. I want to travel the world. I’m not going to write what I wrote again, so please refer to my last post. I’m writing all this as I lie on my bed so understand I’m not going to write much.

I have other goals, but they only serve as checkpoints for my dreams.

With this, I want to say, don’t worry about what people think or the circumstances, follow your dreams, and yes, I want ketchup with my fries. Know even if you do give me ketchup with my fries, it is only temporary checkpoint to your dream.

I am at one of those checkpoints now, and I’m happy to not serve anyone ketchup but have a truly satisfying job.

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