I really like traveling, especially when I’m traveling alone.

I’m not sure why, but whenever I travel with people, I feel limited in where I can go and what I can do: I need to be conscious about how much time is spent somewhere or else I’ll drag people behind or go too fast. I also feel a responsibility to take care of people traveling with me, at least to what I can do.  What do other people want to eat? Where does someone want to go? What is something we can all enjoy? etc. All these things limit my expectations on my travels.

Near the end of my senior year in college, I met with the staff who lead KCCC Santa Cruz and 2 other friends to have some sharing time at Chipotle. Even before this, during spring retreat, when all the graduating seniors who are graduating on time (4 years) were together, same question to me: “What kind of Christian would you want to become after you’re done with college?”

My answer: “a traveling Christian”

What does it mean to travel? I mean it to be both literally and spiritually as well. Literally traveling everywhere and tell people about Jesus to random people to random countries that I don’t know(literal traveling), and keep on moving towards God (spiritual traveling). Now spiritual traveling is simple for me to do, simple as in readily available for me by God’s grace. So what do I do with the physical part? It’s not really like I have money or anything, and I have to earn money to pay off student loans. Traveling is a long way off.

While I was job hunting as any normal recent college graduate would do, I got some interviews, but in the end, the jobs were offered to people who were more suited for the job. So randomly I saw a friend post on Facebook about a tutoring job, and I was curious so I asked about it. Maybe I could get the job early enough to earn money for vision conference? I thought, so I stepped right into the job.

It took a while to finish all the paperwork. By the time I go to my first student, the first pay day of the month is over, so the next day is on the 31st. Unless something out of the ordinary happens (Bank Error in my favor, collect $200), most likely I will not be able to afford to go.

Now, the main reason why I want to go to the conference is because I want to talk to some missionaries at the conference. I want to know how they got started and see what I can learn from them, or anything else God wants to reveal to me there. Everything seems so vague.  It’s almost like I was planning an appointment with God: “Hey God, you know that place? It’s pretty nice, I would like to meet you there.” (I didn’t really say it, but that’s how I see what I did)

God didn’t really need that place to meet me.

I still think it would still be nice for me to go, but it doesn’t matter as much.

It is really strange that this revelation came to me. Let’s talk about my job.

This tutoring job involves me going to people’s homes to tutor individually, and it’s free for the students. I get paid not much, but should be enough, and I’m contracted at least till the end of the school year (earlier I was challenged to pray for this “proverbs 30-7-9”, it works exceptionally well, not for the faint of heart).

Somehow I see this connection between going on missions in “East Asia”, the country with 1.6 billion people, and going to people’s house and tutoring. I’m not supposed talk about Jesus in tutoring sessions, it even says so on the employee handbook pdf. Just like “East Asia”.

My thought process: “But it’s ok to talk about your experiences? I mean it is tutoring, part of tutoring is sharing about your experiences when you were a student?” “Of course, ez”

Let’s see how the HS work now, I don’t expect me to be able to do anything. All I can do is pray.

Well, God took care of the literal traveling part, ez.

One step work in progress.

Now if only I have someone who will travel with me who can make me even more open…

I sure miss hostels. Waiting for summer already ~




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