My day today (part 2 & not really that day)

Ok I’m not J.R.R. Tolkien and it’s killing me trying to train myself to write similar to him as much as my current writing abilities will allow. I write simple from the time when I first started writing (in Chinese), to now as I’m writing this blog (in English). So for part 2 of what happened yesterday. I will make it as short and simple as possible.

A recap of the events that transpired in simpler terms: I woke up early. Without anything much to do during that early morning time, I opted to go take a longer snooze. However that snooze turned out to be a huge nap because I didn’t set my alarm and I enjoy my lucid dreams. As I woke up, the sky began to darken. This content is part 1.

I thought I could finish the whole story in J.R.R. Tolkien mode, but after repeatedly usage of and I decided to take a break.

And here I am writing normally as I would normally write on a term paper, or a play, or a facebook status update, and sometimes twitter.

Continuing with my story, I had my first meal as shin ramyun + a bunch of rotini + shitake mushrooms. I was eating it while I was writing part 1. But writing part 1 disturbed my rhythm so much I did not have the appetite to finish the food I cooked. The ramyun got soggy, the soup dried up, and the whole bowl turned cold and gross. Moral of the story, don’t overestimate my stomach right after I wake up, even though I was hungry hippo I should not have overextend my cooking portions. Yup


A different side story totally unrelated to this and may be disturbing to those who are currently eating and I highly recommend not to read this until you finish eating. I was taking a dump. It was perfect. No breakage, no random pieces. Not too black, not too brown. Perfection.

When I flushed it, instead of breaking, it bended. Yes. It folded in half. Imagine bending a glowstick, it looked exactly like that. Amazing. Cool story right? Thank you for putting up with this if you are reading at all. I’m just very bored.

And yes, it did flush with the first try. And yes, I sprayed the scent thing so the smell wouldn’t be as bad (+ kill odor-producing bacteria as well!)