My day today (part 1)

Me, ending the slumber of which took place on a soft

ladened surface; under the flocculent feather-like cover of concealing

blanket, the cloak of which put asunder the asymmetry of light and darkness: abundance in

shine defying destitution of luminescence;  an epoch which eluded my cognizance as

it escapes many more the Sons of Adam. Without the counsel of an arbitrary

agent who calls humanity to separate from trances they fall into without exception amid twilight, the sleep

masses go into cannot be detached without use of such agent christened as the alarm. I

have been unsuccessful in fixing the time I wanted to soar from the night tomb. Yet I arised

from mattress where I once galvanized myself to a altered state of consciousness: my five

senses of perceptions were kindled as kerosene inflamed by conflagrations of blaze

two whole rounds clockwise after daybreak. As I pursue to amuse my appetite to have a fecund

arrangement of hustle and labor, an idea slowly crept up to me; a mere thought of taking

upon a whole new ambition which will not interrupt my original desire: the short-term resting,

a nap, which I succeeded in. The rest is not as though it should have been, alas this is my

story I must tell.

Thus the curtains were veiled over my eyes and my perception of awakening and sleeping

were closely smeared together into a giant mixture of dreams and colors. I did not recognize

warmth of day nor the cold of night but mixed them together within my own imagination

through which I encounter during my time of rest.


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